When you don't have the words, we do! Send a Wishing Shell and card today!

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Wishing Shells for your Gift Shop


    “With the touch of a shell, touch their hearts.”


Here is information about having WISHING Shells in your store.

v    The shells and cards are displayed in attractive wooden chests.


Option 1

v    The large wooden chest holds an all assortment collection with four kinds of shells (cone, troca, polished clam or mussel, and cowrie) already in their gift boxes. Cards are tucked into the boxes to choose with any shell.


v    There are eight to ten different cards: Sympathy, Healing, Birthday, Loss, Strength, Change, Friendship, Thinking of You, Gratitude, and Blank. Shells and boxes are restocked from your supply when sold in order to keep four in the wooden chest at all times. Select the cards you want or choose all!


Option 2

v    Fabric bags in various colors hold a smaller shell and card, all in one pretty package, ready to go!  A medium wooden chest holds the bags.  Easy to restock and maintain by adding fabric bags from your supply. Chest holds 6-12 bags.



Large Shells in Boxes: $8.00

Large Shells in Fabric Bags: $9.00

Small Shells in Fabric Bags: $6.50

Chests:  prices vary according to size ($12.00-$35.00)

Minimum Order:  $100.00 plus shipping

Christmas, Hanukkah, Anniversary, and Valentine Wishing Shells are available.

Custom ones for your town/city: “A Wishing Shell for You from ________”


I am happy to review the offer with you and share ideas.

Call Barbara:  805 570-2600


Wishing Shells are selling well in Skin Deep, a delightful gift shop

and salon/day spa and in the lovely resort gift shop at the Four Seasons Biltmore.  Both are in Santa Barbara, California.

E-mail: info@wishingshells.com