When you don't have the words, we do! Send a Wishing Shell and card today!

Hotels & ResortsTM


 Wishing Shells ä

for Remembrance

An Invitation for Hotels, Resorts, Bed & Breakfasts

Touch the hearts of your guests by giving them a gift from the sea to remember their stay at your beachside resort.

 Surprise and delight your guests by placing a Wishing Shell and card on their pillows. This unique touch will distinguish your establishment from others and be a reminder of their stay. What better gift and memento for your guests than a beautiful shell with your good wishes and information printed on a pretty card to keep for return reservations and visits? Shells and cards come in fabric bags or boxes in colors to match your room décor.


Wishing Shells with cards are available

in large quantities at a reasonable price. 

Begin a new tradition of thoughtfulness towards your clientele.

They will treasure your kindness and tell

their families and friends!

 Special Wishing Shells and cards can be created for

conference, party, and wedding guests.


Please call for personalized attention and design.

Thank you for your consideration!

Call Barbara:  805 570-2600